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Building the best gaming computer

Gaming is one of the best hobbies to pick up, given that it has a lot of entertainment value and best of all, helps in keeping the mind focused according to some research conclusions. As computational technology continues to advance, so does the gaming industry. These days, the login and visuals displayed in games are getting more realistic every day. To experience these advanced gaming experiences, one needs to invest in a computer that is capable of delivering the specs that are needed. While there are so many branded gaming computers, many people prefer to build their own.

Why you should build your gaming PC

You might be wondering why to build a gaming computer when you can pick one that laskdnvlkasndlkansdlknsalkdnvlksandklnsakldnvlkasndlkasdvsdis ready made from most computer shops. The main point of building a computer, apart from the education value, is to be in control of the specs and hardware that goes into your computer. In this post, we shall look at some important tips for building the perfect gaming computer.

Tips on building a gaming computer


Before building the computer, you have to decide beforehand the peripherals that your gaming rig will need. For hardcore gaming, we recommend to go for mechanical keyboards, and one of the best mmo mouse in 2017 for more options in controlling games. Other peripherals such as wireless network dongles should be taken into consideration.


Obviously, for a good gaming computer, is best to go for a processor that packs a lot of power. The recommended ones is an intel i5, intel i7, or an AMD Ryzen. Your processor choice will determine the kind of motherboard that you pick, so choose wisely. Do some research to determine the best motherboard and processor combination.


A GPU is the graphical processing unit that handles all matters graphics if installed in a computer. Given that graphics are a big part of gaming, it is best to choose a GPU that will deliver the best picture quality. Big brands such as Nvidia and AMD do available, affordable options. Make sure the GPU you choose is compatible with the motherboard of your choice.


klnvsakdnvklasdvklsadkvnaskdnvsndvlknsdalknvsadvsadRAM or Random Access Memory is the part that handles program instances and making them available for execution. These programs include games, and since they are heavy in computational power, we recommend that you go for at least 8GB. However, 16GB would make for a more robust gaming computer.