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Different Types Of Load Cells

The primary function of the load cell is to put on weight on an electrical signal. The force will then be sent to a computer to monitor the load. Load cells are used in those industries where the measurement of the loads is paramount, and it should always be clear. Take for example pharmaceutical industries the drugs must be of the required weight or they can cause damage to the human body that cannot be fixed. To get the best, for the load cell is if you understand the different types that are available. The load cells come in various kinds, and they are original in the kind of pressure they provide and the sizes. Below is a list of loads cells that are available.



ggfgffggffgfgfgffThe miniature has high pressure, and they are small in size because they are designed to work best in small areas and high capacity loads. The diameter of this load cell is 50.8mm, and they prototype structure. Also, the miniature should include a cable connection and twist connector. They are made in a way that they provide the required pressure but still maintain the capacity load.


The job that the strain load cell is best in is how they are accurate in the dynamic and static measurement. The design of the strain is made with a wire that is bonded to a carrier backing. The work of the strain measures the resistance that is there when force is on the carrier matrix, which will strengthen the bond on the surface of the object.


The beam load cell is made of aluminum. The beam will ensure a capacity of 1 to 500kg the primary purpose of the beam is the measurement of QEM force and weighing the application it forms. The beam can also be used double, which are used in weighing the tank and controlling the process of the industry.

Platform load cells

They are the best when the application needs water tightness and high accuracy. The platform load cells are best used in the food processing industries and stations that require automatic weighing. They are accurate 0.02% of the time, and they can get the best from if you use them on building scales because they are so accurate.

Canister load cell

ghghghghghghhghgFor the canister cells, they are used when the application is single of multi- weighing, and they are also good in water resistance. They are sealed in a way that they can cope best in those harsh environment, and they are best when used in the axial application.