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Benefits of online tutoring

Online tutoring refers to the process where tutors and students meet in a virtual networked environment as a way to supplement class teaching. Tutors are not necessarily the daily class or subject teachers, however; they have been credited to have extensive teaching approaches that provide educational assistance to the students’ study problematic areas. Online tutors interact with their students through virtual platforms where they can video conference, teleconference, or chat up through emails. Advancement in technology has refined the online learning methodologies and has acted to increase the effectiveness of the tutoring sessions that greatly benefit the students. The following are some of the benefits that accrue from online tutoring include;

Tutor availability


Interestingly, online tutoring is not hindered by physical distance as long as one is well connected to the internet and has the right equipment. Moreover, most tutors are available around the clock and highly observe set schedules which ensure great flexibility in tutoring sessions. Moreover, online tutoring eliminates struggles of commuting, time zones and geographical distance as tutoring online is facilitated over virtual platforms. Additionally, mostly online tutoring platforms have many qualified tutors. Therefore, it is possible to make a choice between a single and multiple tutors.


Online tutoring is a way of increasing in-depth understanding of class teaching through supplementary or remedial classes. Moreover, with well-qualified tutors it is possible to catch up with the rest of the class in case one under certain circumstances skipped classes. Moreover, online tutors assist in preparing for tests and presentations which enable the student to master their subject topics and hone their skills. Hence, by supplementing class teachers who have a large number of students to handle during subject sessions, online tutors have a closer personal attachment with the student, therefore, can assist them to improve their understanding and grades at relatively very affordable rates.

Use of alternative learning approaches

Different students have varying understanding patterns and comprehension rates.  This way the student builds a connection with the tutor establishing a productive working relationship that enhances and improves their academic performance.

Practical use of technology


Using a virtual tutoring platform is the way in which students can gain exposure and skills in using technology in learning. Additionally, the student has access to online study materials easily which enhances their study sessions and at the same time equips them with knowledge and skills in the use of technology. The Course Hero reviews will help you get the best tutor.